Virtual world and social game ARPUs

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Justin Smith had an interesting slide deck at the Social Games Summit where he shared his estimates for monthly ARPUs (average revenue per user): “good Facebook” – $0.30 – $0.40 “good MySpace” – $0.60 – $0.70 Some games can do much better. The Facebook game Battlestations shared some data in late 2008 where they appeared to have around a $1.00 …

SMH: How the net saved live music

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The Sydney Morning Herald has an interesting story on the strength (and growth) of live music and merchandise sales. “A lot of acts are putting out records to promote their tours,” says Michael Gudinski, the managing director of the Frontier Touring Company. “In the old days you used to tour to promote your record.” Article here

A new blog home

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At the start of Electric Sheep, I used to blog prolifically.  That stopped for a while, but I have the bug again — I just enjoy writing too much, and using blogging as a vehicle for thinking through ideas.  I’ve set this up as a new home for my thoughts, which will be a mix of long and short form …