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What on earth does that title “TBPP” mean, you ask?  I received a nice surprise last week when Jeremy Horn, organizer of the 700-person strong “Product Group” meetup, said that I had been awarded “The Best Product Person of 2010” (after being nominated by Ty Ahmad-Taylor, so TY Ty). As much as I am proud… Continue reading

The hackNY summer intern program, in our words

Hilary asked what participation in the hackNY‘s 2010 internship program meant to us at Aprizi.  Here is what Liz and I sent her. We cannot stress enough how important the program is for the nascent NYC startup ecosystem, so I wanted to share these words publicly: Aprizi was honored to take part in the 2010… Continue reading

NYC startup scene: give hope to the dream

Matt Blumberg of Return Path and Michael Karnjanaprakorn of All Day Buffet just added their thoughts to blogosphere commentary on the revival of the NYC startup scene.  Here’s what I’ve been thinking about: it’s all about the young dreamers. People talk about the cost of living in New York, but that is a red herring. … Continue reading

The New York Startup Scene

As someone who has done startups in New York, Silicon Valley & San Fran, and Austin, I find the topic of location very interesting.  Fred Wilson and Chris Dixon just gave a talk at  Clickable (embedded below) on why the New York startup scene is special, and I had a few reactions: New York would… Continue reading