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Innovation teams need generalists

Startups need execution-oriented, “whatever it takes” generalists. After my talk at the AgileUX conference a few months ago, a soon-to-be entrepreneur came up to me explaining their intent to hire the best UX, best visual designer, best copywriter, best SEO person, best node.js person, etc etc and put it all together to make magic. Because… Continue reading

When you can’t get that A round

The startup ecosystem is currently at the “thousand flowers blooming” stage. The number of large second-stage angel or VC-led A rounds will not be able to keep up with the number of new companies. Consequently, there are going to be a lot of frustrated and disappointed entrepreneurs out there. But just because you struggle to… Continue reading

The Tech Crunch

CNN recently wrote an article on NYC startups and I laughed when Nosh Petigara from 10gen (MongoDb) said, “we don’t have trouble hiring engineers.” When you are a 10gen, Hunch, — i.e. when you have a strong technical lead (your anchor) already and an interesting technical problem, good computer scientists want to work for… Continue reading

Back to Big Raise, Big Spend?

Mark Suster has an important post on his blog today called “9 Women Can’t Make a Baby in a Month“. It may sound strange, but too much funding is just as dangerous if not more so than too little funding. Go read his post. I agree with so many of the things he warns against,… Continue reading

Landmines on the Road to Product Market Fit

On Friday, I gave a 20-minute talk at a product design conference organized by Ty Ahmad-Taylor (CEO of FanFeedr) and Hard Candy Shell (the talk shared the same title as this post). I discussed mistakes and lessons from Aprizi’s journey. I don’t think it was videotaped, so I am going to take advantage of this… Continue reading

Focus. There is no but.

Jordan Cooper, a bright NYC entrepreneur and investor, just wrote a post called “If you’re building for $1B, is “Focus” a Farce?” He writes: “I find myself wondering if changes in the product development lifecycle are not giving birth to a new type of non-bootstrapped operation/execution that is more forgiving of experimentation at the expense… Continue reading

Don’t believe in magic

Two observations: 1. Very little happens in a startup if you don’t make it happen. 2. Very little is done right if you don’t examine best practices and iterate your own efforts. Common sense, right? And yet here are some further observations: Right after I posted about demo tips and the importance of practice, I… Continue reading