Giff Constable

I’ve spent 25 years building new companies and new products as a founder, CEO, product leader, advisor and investment banker.

My award-winning books are used by entrepreneurs and innovation teams around the world to improve how they learn from customers and vet their ideas.

After spending a few years turning around a fintech startup as the head of product and engineering, I’ve returned to the world of consulting while I work on a new effort, The Optionality Project.



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Talking to Humans is the perfect complement to the existing body of work on customer development. If you are teaching entrepreneurship or running a startup accelerator, you need to make it required reading for your students and teams. I have.” — Steve Blank

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Testing with Humans is the ideal follow-up to Talking to Humans. All the steps for designing, building, and launching experiments are here, along with a host of examples and great advice born of real experience.” — Eric Ries


Celebrating our award from the National Science Foundation for Talking to Humans



Whether you are with a large company or a startup, if you are interested in taking your product or innovation teams to the next level, I would be happy to talk with you. In addition to being an operator myself over the years, I've run workshops and led coaching engagements at companies like the Mayo Clinic, American Express, Hearst, Time Inc, and many more. Here's more about me.

Most companies are struggling to figure out how agile engineering, product strategy and design thinking can and should align and come together. This gets even harder when you are applying it to the creation and valiation of new business opportunities.

If you are interested in scheduling a time to talk, please contact me here.

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