Motivation and Inspiration – Dan Pink’s TED Talk

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Thanks to a tumble from Hiten Shah, I just watched and loved Dan Pink’s TED talk on incentive structures and performance. Dan makes a case that monetary performance-based incentives increase productivity for mechanical tasks, but not for complex creative ones. Instead, you need to focus on three things: autonomy mastery purpose This is exceptionally true in software startups.  Yes, people …

Facebook App versus FB Connect?

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One of my projects posed the question: should we create a native Facebook application (example: Playfish’s Country Story) or a separate website using Facebook Connect (example:  FB Connect, after all, still gives you access to the social graph, feeds, etc.  Here are some of my preliminary thoughts after conversations with other folks, and I would welcome your input. A …

So you want to work for a startup? (the first job to seek for non-coder aspiring entrepreneurs)

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At Fred Wilson’s Donors Choose event, I met a bright college senior from my alma mater who wanted to work for a startup as prep for eventually founding a company himself.  Like me, he wasn’t a programmer, so the two of us discussed the best place to start. A non-coder founder has to wear a lot of hats: you will …

NYTimes on virtual goods: exercise in idiocy?

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Virtual goods have been used extensively in Asia for years, but are now coming into their own as a business model in the U.S.  With that growth comes media attention — including articles like today’s piece in the New York Times, “Virtual Goods Start Bringing Real Paydays“.  The entire thing isn’t awful, but I have to take the journalists to …

Startup Tools: equity and investment (cap table) model

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As an entrepreneur, have you struggled to figure out what your ownership stake looks like over multiple rounds of dilution from investors and employee options? In the spirit of sharing modeling tools I use when thinking about a startup, here is an Excel spreadsheet for modeling out cap table equity and dilution across a number of capital raising rounds.  There’s …

Freemium Business Model Template

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Mark Suster of GRP just wrote a post on the importance of financial models, and in an effort to be helpful to new entrepreneurs finding their way around Excel, I thought I would post a business model Excel template for anyone to download and customize (bottom of post).  I completely agree with Suster.  The one time I told myself “I …

You cannot buy a customer base

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You cannot buy a true customer base for a bad product on the Internet.  With a bad product, it does not matter if you have raised $500K or $10 million — the only difference is the amount of time and money it takes to admit you have a bad product.

Paul Graham’s “What Startups Are Really Like”

Giff Constable startups

Paul Graham of Y Combinator has a good essay up on “What Startups Are Really Like“.  Here are his headlines with some concise additional commentary of my own. 1. Be Careful with Cofounders: hugely important because things get stressful; agree on worst case “breakup scenario” at the start and have founder stock vesting. 2. Startups Take Over Your Life: they …