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My Subjot Obsession

I’m a talker online. In the old days, it was via manually-updated websites and forums. These days, I’ve got multiple long-form blogs, and dabble with all the short-form tools. I like to talk about many different topics, but that’s where I get frustrated. With Twitter, I end up restricting my content because most of my… Continue reading

Enthusiasts vs Normals

First Chris Dixon tweeted, “Does anyone really want to have a “conversation with brands”? I I want my relationship to Starbucks limited to buying coffee.” Roger Ehrenberg then responded with a great post on authenticity in brand conversations. I would argue that they are both right, they are just talking about two different people.  Just… Continue reading

Tale of Two Twitters: Information vs Social

I was reading Dave Hornik’s latest post over at VentureBlog and stopped at this sentence: “To P&G, Twitter is a great broadcast medium — it is best for one to many communications that are short bursts of timely information.” I’ve heard others call Twitter an “information network, not a social network” and gather that Twitter… Continue reading

Facebook App versus FB Connect?

One of my projects posed the question: should we create a native Facebook application (example: Playfish’s Country Story) or a separate website using Facebook Connect (example:  FB Connect, after all, still gives you access to the social graph, feeds, etc.  Here are some of my preliminary thoughts after conversations with other folks, and I… Continue reading

Monetizing Social Media Survey

eMarketer has an article today highlighting the importance of non-advertising revenue streams for social media sites.  The above chart was from a Feb 2009 survey of “social media leaders”.  (note: they don’t share more detail about sample size or definition of “social media leader”)

Socnet Advertising, where art thou?

A few months ago, I listened to a panel organized by Battery Ventures called “Monetizing Social Media”.  Perhaps not surprisingly for a New York-based event, the panel spent 99% of the time talking about advertising.  Still, I was surprised to see both the Facebook and MySpace representatives brush off microtransaction business models as niche and… Continue reading

MJ spikes Nielsen’s buzz chart

Nielsen’s Buzz tracking research just posted this chart, and went on to write: Nearly 15% of all online discussions about Jackson referenced either a broadcast or social network. CNN which teamed up with Facebook on streaming coverage was named in 5% of all online conversations. Also on the TV network side, BET came in 2nd… Continue reading