MJ spikes Nielsen’s buzz chart

Giff Constable media, social media


Nielsen’s Buzz tracking research just posted this chart, and went on to write:

Nearly 15% of all online discussions about Jackson referenced either a broadcast or social network. CNN which teamed up with Facebook on streaming coverage was named in 5% of all online conversations. Also on the TV network side, BET came in 2nd with 1.9%, ABC with 1.7%, MTV with 1.44%, NBC/MSNBC with 1.43%, Fox with 1.38% and CBS with 1.0%. Among social networks, Twitter was the most discussed social networking site with 2.4%. Facebook was mentioned in 2% of the conversations, followed by Youtube (1.9%) Myspace (0.6%) and Hulu (0.3%) which streamed FOX News coverage.