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My Subjot Obsession

I’m a talker online. In the old days, it was via manually-updated websites and forums. These days, I’ve got multiple long-form blogs, and dabble with all the short-form tools. I like to talk about many different topics, but that’s where I get frustrated. With Twitter, I end up restricting my content because most of my… Continue reading

You Won’t Find Here

A surprising number of NYC “startup” bloggers have started to adopt, a subscription email newsletter service.  The root might simply be friendship with the creator, Sam Lessin, but I really do not understand or particularly like the trend.  I have no problem with publishers charging for content, but if you don’t make your living… Continue reading

Enthusiasts vs Normals

First Chris Dixon tweeted, “Does anyone really want to have a “conversation with brands”? I I want my relationship to Starbucks limited to buying coffee.” Roger Ehrenberg then responded with a great post on authenticity in brand conversations. I would argue that they are both right, they are just talking about two different people.  Just… Continue reading

Mo’ Better Feedback

I write this blog for many reasons.  Sometimes I want to work through a topic, sometimes I want to give back to the startup community, and sometimes I just need to be vocal in reaction to something I have read. There are a lot of internal motivations, but I am also interested in knowing what… Continue reading

Tale of Two Twitters: Information vs Social

I was reading Dave Hornik’s latest post over at VentureBlog and stopped at this sentence: “To P&G, Twitter is a great broadcast medium — it is best for one to many communications that are short bursts of timely information.” I’ve heard others call Twitter an “information network, not a social network” and gather that Twitter… Continue reading