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Getting in the Way in a Good Way

As a general rule, I believe that you want to get users to the “goods” quickly and easily, reducing friction wherever possible.  However, sometimes this can go too far, and sacrifice the needs of the business.  I thought I would share an example from Aprizi where we did exactly that. First, for context: Aprizi was… Continue reading

Bootstrapping Aprizi: the Pugilist Period

It has been a while since I have done an Aprizi update. The shorthand is that we are deep in the pugilist-state of the entrepreneur experience. We have had some wins, we have taken some blows, and we fight on. In the “fun news” department, Daily Candy featured Aprizi at the top of their national… Continue reading

Designers, entrepreneurs and doing business on the Web

I regularly talk to small and medium-sized designers and business owners in the sectors where Aprizi plays. It is always interesting to hear about their challenges and tactics for success. They are entrepreneurs just like we are in the world of tech. Some of these interviews get converted into posts for The Tail, Aprizi’s blog…. Continue reading

Landmines on the Road to Product Market Fit

On Friday, I gave a 20-minute talk at a product design conference organized by Ty Ahmad-Taylor (CEO of FanFeedr) and Hard Candy Shell (the talk shared the same title as this post). I discussed mistakes and lessons from Aprizi’s journey. I don’t think it was videotaped, so I am going to take advantage of this… Continue reading

Post-mortem on a UI “input” screen

Today I am working on some UI/UX changes to our product, and thought I would quickly talk through a UI example (soon to die under my axe) from our beta. Some context: in the spirit of getting a beta up as quickly as possible, our first user experience (FUE) was pretty crude. After registration (also… Continue reading

Monday Musings and The New York Times

Aprizi appeared in The New York Times today, in an article on privacy and innovation for consumers.  In my quote, I tried to emphasize that this is about an honorable agreement with the customer, not some kind of bait and switch.  There is a new wave of startups where everything is above-board and totally opt-in. … Continue reading