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Entertainment or Utility? (more on gamification)

Several years back, over beers one evening at GDC (Game Developers Conference), I debated design principles with Bernie Yee, my colleague at Electric Sheep who had previously worked at Sony (Everquest) and at Harmonix (Rock Band). He argued that any product had to choose between being an entertainment property or a utility.  There are a… Continue reading

Lean Wireframing

Will Evans, who does UX design at The Ladders with agile-UX champion Jeff Gothelf, recently wrote a tweet that caught my eye: The hi-fidelity vs. lo-fidelity wireframe debate is silly. You use the weapons you need based on the war you face. (link) A wireframe is meant to communicate and test. You want to do… Continue reading

Getting in the Way in a Good Way

As a general rule, I believe that you want to get users to the “goods” quickly and easily, reducing friction wherever possible.  However, sometimes this can go too far, and sacrifice the needs of the business.  I thought I would share an example from Aprizi where we did exactly that. First, for context: Aprizi was… Continue reading

Post-mortem on a UI “input” screen

Today I am working on some UI/UX changes to our product, and thought I would quickly talk through a UI example (soon to die under my axe) from our beta. Some context: in the spirit of getting a beta up as quickly as possible, our first user experience (FUE) was pretty crude. After registration (also… Continue reading