Date Archives November 2009

Publishing needs to learn from Music (but probably won’t)

I had an enjoyable lunch the other week with a former client in the book publishing industry. It got me thinking how publishing is tremendously lucky to have a lesson plan of what not to do laid out by the music industry.  The question is whether they learn the lessons, or will they fall into… Continue reading

Facebook App versus FB Connect?

One of my projects posed the question: should we create a native Facebook application (example: Playfish’s Country Story) or a separate website using Facebook Connect (example:  FB Connect, after all, still gives you access to the social graph, feeds, etc.  Here are some of my preliminary thoughts after conversations with other folks, and I… Continue reading

Freemium Business Model Template

Update: you can still download the model if you want and see if there are any pieces you can use, but I am working on a new version that is a little more cash-oriented. Right now, it isn’t explicitly modeling out annual subscriptions but rather averaging a monthly revenue level, and I think that should… Continue reading

Monetizing Social Media Survey

eMarketer has an article today highlighting the importance of non-advertising revenue streams for social media sites.  The above chart was from a Feb 2009 survey of “social media leaders”.  (note: they don’t share more detail about sample size or definition of “social media leader”)