Date Archives May 2011

When you can’t get that A round

The startup ecosystem is currently at the “thousand flowers blooming” stage. The number of large second-stage angel or VC-led A rounds will not be able to keep up with the number of new companies. Consequently, there are going to be a lot of frustrated and disappointed entrepreneurs out there. But just because you struggle to… Continue reading

Is there a quality chasm in fashion startups?

There are a number of startups in the broader “fashion” category getting funded with versions of a subscription model. ¬†At first glance, these things seem pretty cool — pay an affordable, regular amount and you get sent something nice each month, ideally somewhat personalized to your tastes. Send it back if you hate it! A… Continue reading

Scott Francis on financing a young services business

Scott Francis, a fellow Trilogy alumn who has a business process consulting business in Austin, recently wrote his thoughts on Mark Suster’s excellent post “What Should You Do With Your Crappy Little Services Business?” — you can see Scott’s post here. Scott touches on a few good ways services firms can benefit from building products…. Continue reading