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Please take my 6 question survey!

I am running an informal survey and will be reporting the results back here. If you have a moment, please take this short survey asking about consumer shopping online, and how you think it might change. Take the survey!

Don’t believe in magic

Two observations: 1. Very little happens in a startup if you don’t make it happen. 2. Very little is done right if you don’t examine best practices and iterate your own efforts. Common sense, right? And yet here are some further observations: Right after I posted about demo tips and the importance of practice, I… Continue reading

Post-mortem on a UI “input” screen

Today I am working on some UI/UX changes to our product, and thought I would quickly talk through a UI example (soon to die under my axe) from our beta. Some context: in the spirit of getting a beta up as quickly as possible, our first user experience (FUE) was pretty crude. After registration (also… Continue reading

On Parenthood and Entrepreneurship

A startup is filled with countless roadblocks and challenges, many business, some personal. I feel lucky that I don’t struggle with a sick parent, Asperger’s, or something truly serious. My biggest personal challenge is simply being a parent of young children. When I was younger, startup life was simpler. I could completely obsess about a… Continue reading

Yes, You Need a Co-Founder

UPDATE: people have made very valid points that I have oversimplified the issues here, and I have decided that I agree. I neither want to be wishy-washy nor stupidly dogmatic. While I will leave the original post as-is below, consider it my *case* for why you need a co-founder but know that I acknowledge the… Continue reading