Date Archives February 2010

Introducing Aprizi

We finally have an alpha. Even if it is held together by string and scotch tape, it’s really exciting for us. Up to now, we’ve been focused on learning consumer behavior, testing hypotheses, and focusing our ideas. Now we are out to get confirmation (or lack thereof) based on actual usage of a minimal viable… Continue reading

Mo’ Better Feedback

I write this blog for many reasons.  Sometimes I want to work through a topic, sometimes I want to give back to the startup community, and sometimes I just need to be vocal in reaction to something I have read. There are a lot of internal motivations, but I am also interested in knowing what… Continue reading

Keeping It Simple: Unit Economics

Back in November, I wrote about financial modeling and wanted to pick up the topic again. I think this is very important for lean startups.  A financial model focuses your brain on key goals and assumptions. It’s great to obsess over product-market fit, but you also need to take the time to make sure your… Continue reading

Unspoken Truths: the game of industry research

I give both Mark Suster and Chris Dixon credit for pointing to elephants in the room (hot air balloons, etc) of our industry –- topics that most entrepreneurs feel they can’t talk about in public without risk of getting burned. Suster’s latest post on statistics and research firms is no exception. Go read it. When… Continue reading

You’ve got to really want it

For as much as we like innovation, most people aren’t cut out to start a tech company or even join one in a super-early stage.  That’s my point of disagreement with Chris Dixon on his latest post, “Every time an engineer joins Google, a startup dies“. Smart entrepreneurs try to mitigate risk every way they… Continue reading

Targeting Matters!

The other day, Cindy Alvarez (product manager at KISSmetrics and author of a great blog), wrote a post called “Anybody, As Long As It’s Not You” , saying: “Who should give you feedback on your early-stage product mockups/demo? Anybody, as long as it’s not you. OK, sure, there’s probably an “ideal” audience to show your… Continue reading

Can business schools teach entrepreneurship?

I can’t help but weigh in on the “MBA – startup” meme going around.  First, context on my background: I chose not get an MBA. Before my current startup, I worked for 4 VC-backed companies (founded by others) in various sales/marketing/bizdev roles, and bootstrapped and sold 1 company of my own.  I did feel a… Continue reading