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UX, prod mgr, HCI, UI, IA, wha?

I have been interviewing for product jobs, and it is staggering how there is no common language for product people. To some, UX means wireframe deliverables and visual information architect, and maybe even graphic designer. To me, UX means figuring out what should be built and why, how those concepts manifest in an actual product… Continue reading

The Transactional Halo

I was meeting with a smart VC yesterday doing a mini post-mortem on Aprizi, our “Pandora for shopping”. When asked what I would do differently a second time, the number one thing is I would have rolled out the e-commerce model right away. I think a special bond forms between a customer and a service… Continue reading

10 Tips on Startup Mentoring

This post originally appeared on the Lean Startup Machine blog, with a few small changes. I wrote it with LSM’s bootcamp in mind, where in the course of a weekend multiple teams try to validate/invalidate as much as they possibly can around their startup idea (it is really something to watch). However, I like to… Continue reading

My Subjot Obsession

I’m a talker online. In the old days, it was via manually-updated websites and forums. These days, I’ve got multiple long-form blogs, and dabble with all the short-form tools. I like to talk about many different topics, but that’s where I get frustrated. With Twitter, I end up restricting my content because most of my… Continue reading