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Immigration Idiocy

Last night in the State of the Union address, Obama discussed our broken immigration policies, and how we train some of the brightest people in the world in our universities and then kick them out to compete against us. It almost happened with Aprizi.  Liz, my co-founder, is Australian.  She got her PhD in computer… Continue reading


What on earth does that title “TBPP” mean, you ask?  I received a nice surprise last week when Jeremy Horn, organizer of the 700-person strong “Product Group” meetup, said that I had been awarded “The Best Product Person of 2010” (after being nominated by Ty Ahmad-Taylor, so TY Ty). As much as I am proud… Continue reading

2010 Musings

So much happened in 2010, and while I’ve been a bit too buried to write much lately, I wanted to take a step back and muse on a few topics. Aprizi 2010 was a year for a lot of learning, and execution, and evolution for Aprizi. Liz and I got the first alpha up in… Continue reading