The Misogyny Has Got to Stop

February 3, 2014

This weekend I was startled by a tweet from Margaret Wallace, a game industry executive whom I respect in New York. Welcome to my world: She Was Harassed By A Games Reporter. Now She's Speaking Out. #onereasonwhy — Margaret Wallace ♕ (@MargaretWallace) February 1, 2014 Margaret is referring to a series of unacceptable, appalling [...]

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Myth-Making and the “Authentic Founder”

December 19, 2013

One of my pet peeves about startup-land is myth-making. I refer to the stories that get made up about a startup’s founding and trajectory. Entrepreneurs spin tales for two reasons: to get press, and, particularly, to get funding. Investors have a name for their intuitive filtering — they call it pattern recognition. But at the [...]

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Lean… startup? enterprise? Just use your head

December 18, 2013

Andreas Klinger recently wrote an article that made some rounds in the lean startup circle entitled “why lean startup sucks for startups.” Putting the attention-grabbing headline aside, I found much of the piece rather bizarre. Is lean startup different for startups? Yes and no. Hoping for a detailed playbook is lazy, naive thinking. Lean, going [...]

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Minimum Viable User Stories

November 27, 2013

Agile. How did a movement whose manifesto began with “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” get so caught up in ceremony? (“Humans” is the answer) Thoughtbot tweeted a thought-provoking article on “Replacing the User Story with the Job Story“. I am a fan of “jobs to be done” but do not think this is [...]

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A lean case study with Time Inc’s Cooking Light

November 25, 2013

Giff Constable- Testing New Products Ideas at Time – NCCSF Neo Day Session 2 from NeoInnovate on Vimeo. We spent a fascinating 8 weeks with the team at Cooking Light magazine, part of Time Inc’s Lifestyle Group, helping them put “lean startup in the enterprise” methods into action. Our goal was to ideate and then [...]

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Hiring an Intrapreneur Team

November 20, 2013

Let’s say you’re a leader at a Fortune 500 company. You know you need to move faster and take on more risks with your digital products. How do you conquer your “innovator’s dilemma”? You need the right structure and the right people. Today, I wanted to talk about the people. You need dynamic, passionate, multi-skilled, [...]

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Research vs Design

October 16, 2013

“Research is the process by which we understand problems. Design is the process for which we solve problems.” Yes! Watch this video of Farrah Bostic’s talk at Lean Day West on how to improve the world of qualitative research.

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Getting the experiment wrong

October 15, 2013
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On October 12th, the artist Banksy set up a stall in New York selling signed canvases for $60. Banksy didn’t announce it, but released a video the next day. Banksy fans across the globe were probably mortified that 1. they missed it, and 2. these people walking by didn’t appreciate the opportunity! Personally, I think [...]

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Mac Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

October 3, 2013

File this under the “so I remember it later” department.  Tonight I was working on a large financial model and banging my head against the fact that all my old Excel keyboard shortcuts don’t work on the Mac.  So I dug around and pulled together the list of ones that I commonly use: Define a [...]

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Latest Iteration of the Assumptions Exercise

October 1, 2013

I used to mentor some of the very first Lean Startup Machine events and it was a lot of fun.  But I would consistently see teams struggle to think through their ideas holistically, and to concisely lay out their assumptions and risks.  They were getting stuck on the various canvases, so I created a simple [...]

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