Date Archives May 2012

Tips for low-volume A/B testing

I tweeted about low-volume A/B testing the other day, and wanted to share a few thoughts.  I spent a few minutes talking to Hiten Shah (CEO of KISSMetrics) on the phone, who probably knows as much about A/B testing as anyone out there. He passed on three tips that I wanted to share here: 1…. Continue reading

Startups: it’s not all coding and design

I’m starting a band. I can’t really play any instrument or sing, so I’m looking for a few musical co-founders. — Tweet by @Greenberg A ton of people retweeted the above note. It’s a great zinger aimed at folks who can’t build digital products trying to start digital products companies. After the initial chuckle, I… Continue reading

Best birthday present ever

This year I turned 40. To celebrate I disappeared into the Catskills for a private hackathon with a few close friends. Playing in the mud, making stuff — it was the best birthday present I could have asked for. Aging is a funny thing. Some people get stuck in a rut. I feel like my learning… Continue reading

Not being live means flying blind

From Roger Ehrenberg at IA Ventures, an influential early stage VC in New York: “We are passionate about focus, especially at the earliest stages where distractions often mean not shipping software, and not shipping means not being close to customers and getting feedback, which essentially means flying blind. Once a start-up begins living in its… Continue reading