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Back to Big Raise, Big Spend?

Mark Suster has an important post on his blog today called “9 Women Can’t Make a Baby in a Month“. It may sound strange, but too much funding is just as dangerous if not more so than too little funding. Go read his post. I agree with so many of the things he warns against,… Continue reading

Prototyping for the iPhone with Briefs

I’ve been playing around with the open source prototyping tool Briefs, and while it took a little hair-pulling to get through the quirks, it really is a great tool.  Briefs lets you script up an interactive mock-application, and then test it out on iOS devices.  The best part is you can create a prototype with… Continue reading

Bootstrapping Aprizi: the Pugilist Period

It has been a while since I have done an Aprizi update. The shorthand is that we are deep in the pugilist-state of the entrepreneur experience. We have had some wins, we have taken some blows, and we fight on. In the “fun news” department, Daily Candy featured Aprizi at the top of their national… Continue reading