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Lean Startup Machine Presentation

Lean Startup Machine As promised, here is my 20-min presentation to the Lean Startup Machine event on July 23, 2010. Regarding the event, I was pretty impressed with how much the teams accomplished over the weekend, and their willingness to get out of comfort zones.  This deck is neither as pretty nor as good as… Continue reading

Entrepreneur’s Block

On Friday, a reader sent me an email. They were suffering from “entrepreneur’s block”, where they kill off every idea as quickly as it arises. It is the opposite disease to those who fall in love with an idea, are afraid to talk to anyone about it and thus build something no one wants. In… Continue reading

My Winding Road to Lean Startup

Last fall, I was recovering from a startup that almost touched the sun, but like Icarus, took a nasty fall. I still had a burning desire to create a great company, but I  knew that it was time that *I* chose what was right and wrong, rather than work for someone else.  If I was… Continue reading

9 Tips for Distributed Teams

The best way to build a startup is to have everyone in a single physical location, but that isn’t always possible.  I’ve had to deal with virtual teams on multiple occasions, and my last employer, The Electric Sheep Company, took it to an extreme, with 75 people mostly scattered around the country.  Here are a… Continue reading