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My next chapter in helping entrepreneurs

Last Thursday, I started a new gig as VP of Product for Axial. Given that the company is both B2B and has a target market largely outside of tech, I’m guessing that most people have not heard of it. Axial is a 100-person startup that runs an online network for connecting business owners who want… Continue reading

Death to Clickbait

I’ve decided I’ve had it with blogger clickbait, in particular the tendency to toss a highly controversial title in front of a non-controversial post. The ones I fall for usually claim that something I believe is wrong (or “dead”). Then they proceed to explain how the idea was right after all, albeit in need of… Continue reading

Mac Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

File this under the “so I remember it later” department.  Tonight I was working on a large financial model and banging my head against the fact that all my old Excel keyboard shortcuts don’t work on the Mac.  So I dug around and pulled together the list of ones that I commonly use: MAC EXCEL… Continue reading

Hopefully back up and running

I’ve had all my sites hosted on a shared server with a bunch of friends for years, and the decision was made to call it a day on that box. My goal had been to redo this blog in Middleman or Octopress, but the time never materialized, so I’ve done a rush port of the… Continue reading