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Focus. There is no but.

Jordan Cooper, a bright NYC entrepreneur and investor, just wrote a post called “If you’re building for $1B, is “Focus” a Farce?” He writes: “I find myself wondering if changes in the product development lifecycle are not giving birth to a new type of non-bootstrapped operation/execution that is more forgiving of experimentation at the expense… Continue reading

9 Tips for Distributed Teams

The best way to build a startup is to have everyone in a single physical location, but that isn’t always possible.  I’ve had to deal with virtual teams on multiple occasions, and my last employer, The Electric Sheep Company, took it to an extreme, with 75 people mostly scattered around the country.  Here are a… Continue reading

$160 million in the bank

I was just catching up on the Chirp conference care of GigaOm when I stopped dead at this sentence, “With more than 100,000 applications created on its platform to date, it’s frankly amazing that Twitter hadn’t formalized its road map and addressed competition with developers before … [t]hough with $160 million in the bank you’d… Continue reading

He should have fired my ass

Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital today posed the question of how a startup maintains speed once it hits adolescence. His conclusion is that “speed is really the result of a having the company aligned.” Howard Lindzon, the colorful CEO of Stocktwits, responded with the following comment: “we deal with this today. managing feature creep is… Continue reading

The Beautiful Sound of No

Hiten Shah tonight sent out an interesting tweet, “The more you know, the more you no.”  Interestingly enough, Matt Henrick riffed back, “the less you know, the more you will try.”  My brain went in a different direction: how experience teaches you what not to do.  I thought it would be fun to talk about… Continue reading

What Gets Said vs What Gets Remembered

Matt Blumberg posted some great managerial advice today on the problem of “what gets said isn’t necessarily what gets heard.”  I totally agree with his recommendations of “playback” and email follow-up. This advice also applies to upward or sideways management.  This is for the “what gets said isn’t necessarily what gets remembered” problem. It can… Continue reading