Book Review: Forever Employable

Giff Constable book review

I had a talented friend once say, “This is the last time I want to apply for a job. Instead, I want the jobs to find me.” That’s a great concept in theory, but tough to pull off. The only way to do it is to build a personal brand.

I had ringside seat watching Jeff Gothelf build a personal brand. He went from a design manager at mid-sized New York startup to a global name, repeat author, sought after keynote speaker, and more. He succeeded because he had smarts, work ethic, confidence, and a willingness and ability to authentically promote himself. He had the humility to find partners, ask for help, learn from others, and apply those lessons to his hustle.

He’s written a new book called Forever Employable, which talks about both building a personal brand, and testing and building your own income streams. If you are interested in either of those topics, you should read it. If you are tired of working for the man, and wish you had economic freedom and independence, you should read it. Jeff shares concrete, hard-won lessons from his own experience, and wisdom learned watching other masters.

I should note that this book is not about how to earn money on a particular platform or with the latest marketing techniques. Those tips have a short shelf-life. Instead, the book will help you think about what you want, what you need to prove, and how to become a voice that others want to listen to.

I’m a picky reader. I try a lot of business books and don’t make it past the first chapter of most because they are stuffed with repetition and filler content. Forever Employable stays relevant and actionable all the way through. It’s a compact book and well-written. Five stars, and well done, Jeff. You really are what you write about.

You can pre-order the book here.