Creating, Improving… Managing?

Giff Constable leadership

I bet most of you have listened to Ira Glass on being creative. If not, ignore this post and go watch that video.

His comments resonate with me deeply. Frustration with not being able to always produce work to the level of your taste. Demanding more. Overcoming that frustration through perseverance and relentless creating, making, shipping.

The downside to being an entrepreneur and manager, as opposed to designer or coder, is you have greater responsibilities and don’t get to stay in the weeds making, creating, shipping. Instead you have to focus on the business, the team, the big picture.

Someone has to do it, but I have not resolved that personal dilemma. What I *can* do is surround myself with people better than I am and try to empower them to do amazing work. It is satisfying, and I’m sure more successful from a business perspective, but it doesn’t solve my internal demons about taste, creating and getting better and better and better.