Date Archives October 2012

You can’t judge a designer by glossy buttons

A common meme in tech circles has been the death of the resume. It goes: judge developers by their Github account, and designers by a Dribbble portfolio. The latter begs the question, what does design mean to people? To me, product designers solve problems. They solve problems concerning motivation, usability, desirability and alignment with business… Continue reading

When to ship?

Last week, I helped organize a small roundtable of product and design leaders across several successful NYC startups. One question we discussed was “how do you know when to ship?” There was clear consensus that one should split when you *market* vs when you start letting users touch a working piece of software. The rule… Continue reading

“They refused to give it back”

If you are interested in corporate innovation, you will enjoy Scott Anthony’s article in the September HBR magazine, The New Corporate Garage. Key takeaways: 1. exciting things happen when you can engage in simultaneous business model innovation and technical innovation 2. it was interesting how many of the author’s examples involved hardware, where big companies… Continue reading