The Missing Agile Principle (Agile UX 2012 talk)

Giff Constable innovation, lean

Earlier today I gave a talk called “The Missing Agile Principle”, which was all about the need to focus on value, and not get lost in process or consider the job done at shipping the product. I touched on why I thought UX was up for the task, how I thought UX should learn to communicate in terms of results, and how to get there in an organization.

I have embedded the slides below and (UPDATED) the official video from the event:

The Missing Agile Principle from William Evans on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Jeff Gothelf and Will Evans for putting on the conference, for Oz Lubling, Lane Halley, Jeff and Whitney Hess for talking through my thoughts about how to get UX designers thinking more strategically, and to Jon Berger for being my brainiac sounding board for version one.