A New Book: First Principles Product Management

Giff Constable product management

I have this theory that product leaders can and should copy best practices, but you can’t copy someone else’s playbook. The job is way too context-specific. In addition, I believe that any good product manager can get to really good answers as long as they ask the right questions.

The book I wanted to see in the world was a list of those important questions. In other words, a practical workbook that you could turn to for important decisions: creating a roadmap, starting a new product job, redesigning a product organization, setting goals / OKRs, strengthening cross-team trust, etc etc.

I had this on the back-burner while I finished my sci fi novel Becoming Monday (if you want a fun, engrossing read about the rise of a sentient AI, please check it out!), but am ramping up on it again.

Because this is meant to be a practical workbook, it needs to be battle tested thoroughly in the field. Accordingly, I want to write this book “out loud” with sections shared on this blog and drafts shared with anyone who wants to be involved.

Long story short, if you’re interested in helping me battle test these questions and this book, I’d love to get you involved. You can “raise your hand” by filling out this short Google form.

More to come and many thanks!