A Private “Medium” for Your Team

Giff Constable Jotto

There’s a lot to love about Medium. It’s a bubbling spring of human ideas and intellectual connectivity. It is living proof that the written word has not gone out of style.

But there are a lot of things to say that are not really for the rest of the world. This is especially true when it comes to work. When things must be public, they take on a different shape. Pressure, whether real or perceived, goes up, and so does concern over how the company will be perceived or positioned.

When you want to share with your team, you want none of that. You merely want clarity, communication, and honest discourse. Sharing new ideas and strategies. Hard-won lessons. Evolutions of culture. A new teammate. The results of research and data analysis.

Writing remains a powerful way inside a team, and inside a company, to align people and bring them together.

What if you could have something like Medium just for your team’s consumption, and *only* for your team’s consumption? What if you didn’t need to worry about “positioning” ideas for the rest of the world, or the confidentiality of a topic?

That’s why we built Jotto. It’s a simple, elegant, internal Medium. Sharing and discussing mid-to-long form content becomes easy.

If you love the power of the written word, and want to harness it better for your own team, check out a short case study on putting Jotto to work.