The best take on Google Reader’s demise

The other week, I was saddened to learn that Google Reader is shutting down.  While it feels like much of our industry has switched to Twitter for discovery, I still like following “voices”.

Amidst the various reactions to Reader’s demise, the most thoughtful response came from from Vin Vacanti:

While I had a lot of loyalty to Reader, I agree with this sentiment. In truth, I had switched all of my “reading” to Flipboard, so I might as well manage my feeds there too.

Products have natural life cycles. Sometimes they die because the owner no longer invests in it, or because a major platform shift takes the owner by surprise. Sometimes they die because the customer base fights against change. It takes both investment and an appetite for risk to keep them alive.

The nice thing about our industry is that it continually renews. If there is value to offer a customer, someone will find a way to deliver.