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Failure Is…

Failure is not a catch phrase  Failure is measurable – you set a goal, and you fail to reach it Failure is a great teacher, if you are a good student Little failures mean you are innovating Big messy failures mean you are innovating poorly Failure does not equate giving up Failure does not equate… Continue reading

Tech early adopters vs YOUR early adopters

I got my “Quora Weekly Digest” in my inbox tonight and saw this question: “What are the key differences between “Normals” (normal mainstream users) and tech early adopters?” There are some interesting answers (very consumer Internet focused) but I can’t help editorializing: As an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t care about “tech early adopters”. You need to… Continue reading

Learning to Think

At breakfast, my 6 year old daughter wanted to draw a peacock, so I pulled up a picture from Google. Her goal was to draw, and like most children, she has no challenge being creatively expressive. The teaching lesson became one of how to see, not how to draw. A few minutes later, I glanced… Continue reading

What’s the difference between agile and lean UX?

On Quora, Jared Spool asked the question “What’s the difference between Agile Development & Lean UX?” There are a number of interesting responses. Here is mine: Agile dev and UX already focuses on rapid cycle times, constant collaboration, staying user-focused and continuous delivery of valuable software. Unfortunately too often, the definition of valuable gets muddied… Continue reading

What if I’m not solving a problem?

A lot of customer development language revolves around ensuring that you are solving a real problem, and the right problem. But what if you aren’t solving a problem? Lean startup principles still apply to games and entertainment apps. You have the same things to validate: user experience and an understanding of your value, who your… Continue reading

Fred Wilson interviewed on Lean Startup

In September, Fred Wilson was generous with his time and joined our NYC Lean Startup Meetup to discuss lean startup ideas and other related topics. The event was video-taped and you can browse through all the clips at the below link. The video editor broke up the interview into smaller chunks, which hopefully you find… Continue reading