Date Archives October 2011

Lameness of Lean

I’ve got too many half-finished blog posts but I found myself on the train back from New York tonight thinking about some more recent criticisms of lean. 1. I was coming from a dinner hosted by a really interesting VC who had been a programmer and product lead for a long time. He said that… Continue reading

Reflections from Lean Startup Machine 10/2011

I spent Saturday mentoring the latest Lean Startup Machine in NYC, and as always it was a great experience. I love how the weekend isn’t about hacking up a cool idea, but the much harder task of figuring out whether something is worth doing. The participants push themselves and their ideas, and there’s a strong… Continue reading

It’s Not A Passion Deficit

I had to respond to a post NY angel investor Mark Birch recently wrote called Entrepreneurship and the Passion Deficit. He claims that “the number one reason startups fail is because there is no passion!” Mark’s a smart guy, but in this case, I totally disagree. For 17 years, I’ve been buried in the startup… Continue reading

Breaking out your core assumptions

On Saturday, I’ll be mentoring teams at Lean Startup Machine, so this morning I took advantage of the train ride into town to consider what I would love to see from each group.  The below “fill in the blank” sentences (an embedded slideshare) are intended to force someone to concisely break out their core assumptions…. Continue reading