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Lean Failure and the Risk of No-Man’s Land

“Isn’t Lean startup” supposed to prevent failure?” That was the question posed by Andrew Warner to Sean Ellis in a recent Mixergy interview. There is only one answer, “of course not.” Sean responds that not everyone is built to be an entrepreneur: even the best tools in the wrong hands go awry. True, and there… Continue reading

You Won’t Find Here

A surprising number of NYC “startup” bloggers have started to adopt, a subscription email newsletter service.  The root might simply be friendship with the creator, Sam Lessin, but I really do not understand or particularly like the trend.  I have no problem with publishers charging for content, but if you don’t make your living… Continue reading

Think goals, not functions

I just piggybacked on a twitter conversation between Sean Ellis and April Dunford talking about product management versus product marketing (see April’s post). Sean tweeted this comment which I just wanted to highlight: “Functions” is part of the problem in early stage. IMO goals better: PM fit, then conv eff, then growth… [Ed note: PM… Continue reading

Confidence, Transparency and Authenticity

Bob Sutton wrote an interesting post the other day called “The Wise Boss: More Evidence For Expressing Confidence, But Harboring Private Doubts“. He touches upon a topic that a lot of business leaders grapple with: what is the right balance between confidence and transparency. The interplay between the two is particularly heightened in a young… Continue reading

My Take on the iPad

I held off prognosticating on the iPad. I was not even planning on buying the first generation. That changed when someone demoed my own product to me over lunch. I love this thing and, if you aren’t bored of hearing about the iPad, you can read below for my reasons why: Sales: a laptop is… Continue reading

Are Game Dynamics Jumping the Shark?

AdAge today asks “What’s saving the current crop of virtual games from becoming the next Second Life?”, with their answer being game dynamics. I am a huge believer in the power of creatively designed incentives and game-like compulsion loops, but I suspect enthusiasm for badges, levels and points have hit “fad” and “over-reliance” territory.  Foursquare,… Continue reading